Ben is leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks. There is SO much to do to get him on the road. Here are a few of the funnier odds and ends we’ll be taking care of today.

1. Ben will teach me how to operate the weed-wacker and put oil in the lawnmower.

2. Ben will haul off the 7,000 pounds of recycling accumulating in the basement.

3. Ben will teach me how to set mousetraps. YUCK.

4. I will check out 1.2 million novels to read and put in a request for 4 gazillion chick-flicks at the library.

5. Ben will stop by Walgreens to buy all the Chuncky bars they have to create a secret emergency stash for difficult moments and long days.

6. I will spend a thousand dollars on poison-ivy preventative washes, treatment creams, sprays, and lotions for poor Ben who will be leading the landscaping charge at the program through acres of poison ivy infested woods.

Yeah! At least I won’t have time to think about how sad tomorrow will be! 😦

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