Giggles and Apologies


It turned out trying to sew massive amounts of curtains for a friend WHILE watching TV was a major mistake. I ripped out more seams than I put in.


I will never, ever do “Blogging for Books” again. I hated the entire process. I hated getting a book for free and then feeling obligated to read it because I could tell from the cover it just wasn’t my kind of read. I hated having to say I didn’t like the book even though it was about a darling girl who I’m sure I would adore. I hated stating my stupid opinion about something so trivial but feeling stupidly passionate about it. I hated posting said stupid opinion various places on the web. I hated feeling sorry I had said anything negative about such a nice girl’s book for many, many stupid nights before I fell asleep. Stupid! Sorry!


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