This is my official project list for the spring. Drum roll please…

1. Sew new curtains for living room.

2. Use bald patch in yard for small garden, re-seed the rest.

3. Revamp front of the house landscaping.

4. Hang ferns out on front porch.

5. Paint the girl’s beds, table and chairs, PINK.

6. Buy ugly dresser and make it into something gloriously shabby chick for the girls.

7. Repaint bathroom and sew shower curtain and matching skirt for sink.

8. Find rug for office that is large, beautiful, and preferably FREE.

9. Make window boxes for the garage and plant something pretty in them.

10. Make curtains for Tim’s room.

11. Make new throw pillows for the living room that match the new curtains.

12. Reorganize garage.

13. Make cute skirts out of my old jeans.

14. Make cute flowing tops out of fabric I stumble upon in the FREE section of my favorite thrift store.

15. Find chair with ottoman for living room – also preferable beautiful and FREE.

So, basically – I will be thrifting and sewing and digging in the dirt for the foreseeable future!!

5 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Jeanna (Beaner) says:

    I’m feeling a little overwhelmed just by reading YOUR list – nevermind my own list! I dread writing down what I’d like to accomplish!!!

  2. Wow that’s a big list!

    “6. Buy ugly dresser and make it into something gloriously shabby chick for the girls”

    I bought a $10 child’s armoire at a garage sale years ago. I stripped it, stained the top, and spent a few days meticulously painting it. Then I asked my husband to help me take it to the street and slide it along the asphalt to give it some character. He stared at me like I was out of my mind!

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