Why I Bailed

Today I was supposed to start a new chapter in my life entitled, “The Spring Where I Exercise Everyday and Lose Those Pesky 10 Winter Pounds.”

17 minutes into my exercise video, I bailed. I would like to explain for the record, why this occurred.

1. Daylight savings time. Enough said there, right? RIGHT??

2. It’s a sunny day and while I was getting dressed a ray of bright sunlight strayed onto my left arm, highlighting the beautiful “dimpled effect” those extra pounds bring.

3. I just watched an hour of video footage from Japan.

4. The instructor lady was dressed in a very cute outfit and she kept telling me I looked great. Too bad she couldn’t see me struggling to do the mambo in my jammies.

5. The crossing guard at the school mistook for me someone else and gave me a tongue-lashing while I stood innocently at a neighborhood garage sale. I tried correcting her. I tried just apologizing anyway. I tried backing away slowly. I tried apologizing really emphatically in case she didn’t understand me the first 10 times. Finally she stalked away leaving me to pick up the shreds of my self-esteem off a strangers driveway.

6. It’s Monday.

7. I lost my favorite earrings.

8. I’m really thirsty.

9. I have to sign up the kids for swim lessons today.

10. Glazed carrots are being served for hot lunch at school.

OK, really only 1-8 effected my performance today. OK, number 5 happened on Friday – but I’m still a little shook up.

Anyway, it was just the wrong day to start this whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Why I Bailed

  1. Boo on that crossing guard! What did she think you did anyway? Boo on her. And on the rest of your list. Of course I understand. You are totally excused.

  2. Um, yeah, I bailed with you. I have on my list “drink two glasses of water every day.” Have I done that? No. I have not.

    Seriously, crossing guard lady is on my boo-boo list.

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