Style Points

It’s 1 hour until the Mom’s Connected Group starts. Topic: What NOT to Wear. I’m sorely tempted to go wearing what I have on this morning. Here’s the breakdown.

Hair: frizzy nest barely held back in a clip. Bent strands sticking out in every direction.

Face: sheet marks down one side and old mascara flakes having a cup of coffee together in my puffy under-eye seating area.

Top: Nasty, old, (but warm and snuggly – perfect for running children to school in the freezing wind) thermal that Ben stopped wearing ages ago but I have secretly kept tucked away.

Bottoms: OK looking jeans, but I wore these socks yesterday and I think I can smell them a little.

Breath: Very lame brushing job and 2 sips of coffee = basically still morning breath.

Can I pull it together in time? Maybe I should just make a “Help Wanted” sign to hang around my neck. I’ll let you know what I decide. 🙂


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