What do you remember about being 8?

I had Mrs. McPeek for 3rd grade. She was one of the older teachers in the school. We were allowed to use pens for the first time and I thought the kind you could erase were amazing. 3rd grade was the last year I played on the “Little Kids” playground. I remembering wondering about the poles on the “Big Kids” playground with balls tied to them. What could they be?

I’m thinking about being 8 because my daughter is 8 and this seems like a big year for her – lots and lots of transitions and changes – some I like and some I’m not so sure about. The ones I like have to do with growing empathy and patience, hilarious creativity with words and story, humbleness mixed with just enough self-confidence and capacity for hard work, unloading the dishwasher know-how, etc. The ones I’m not so sure about involve boys, cliques, boys, and cliques. These are huge drains on her little soul.

I’m thinking about how I help her put a stopper in these emotional leaks so she doesn’t come home so empty and worn out. I thinking about how to encourage her sense of self with truth about who she really is and who God really is and what God really says about her that penetrates her “I got this Mom” exterior. I’m weighing all the factors and priorities and long-term goals and options with regards to school and friends and home.

Wow. 8. It’s kicking my butt all over again.


3 thoughts on “8

  1. Mom says:

    Evidently you lived through it. What from your experience of being 8 can you relay to her that will help her? I go back to the one thing my father said to me when I was 8 and all the kids made fun of the way I dressed and looked – who cares? What does someone else’s opinion matter to you? When you look in the mirror do you see a crowd of other 8 year olds or just yourself? If you can look at yourself and be happy with your inner self, why worry about what everyone else thinks?

  2. Wow. We totally missed this part of being 8, probably because our oldest is a boy. I just thought that they weren’t into the whole boy/girl thing yet. Poor H! It sounds like she has a very tender heart. I’m loving having a baby girl, but I’m not looking forward to this part of raising a girl!

  3. I got a diary for my 9th birthday, which I am saving as a secret weapon should I need it. I wish I could say it will get easier, but so far it’s been an upward sloping ramp to hormones and boyfriends and text messages. It’s is nothing like I remember. I got my last doll baby for my 12th birthday and loved her.

    For now, I opted to invest in hormone-free milk. I figure I am saving money in the long run…

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