A Thrifty Story

Most of you know,  I’m a huge Craig’s List Fan. A majority of our large ticket household items have been purchased via Craig’s List – entertainment center, multiple beds, dresser, dining room table and chairs, a desk, our Wii and all our games, (wait?? didn’t I write a lament about gaming systems a while back???), and most recently – our new vacuum cleaner.

This was an especially sweet find. Sweet because right after I gave myself the vacuum money in the budget – I had to take it out. I looked anyway, hoping for something extra cheap. I found a nice Hoover for $10 bucks. Over 10 years old, so a bit of a risk, but I decided to go for it. The vacuum was in great shape and was originally a very high-end model, so I figured it had a little life left in it. But when we got it home, I realized the wrong hose was attached. Bummer. I kinda need the hose.

We took it up to our local vacuum repair man guy hoping he might have the right hose. He did!!! He took it off a junked vacuum and only charged us $5! Then he replaced the belt for free, cleaned the brushes, and generally spruced it up a bit. Wow! He also reassured us it was a great model and would probably last for quite a while yet!

I am in love with this vacuum cleaner. It sucks like you wouldn’t believe!! Ha Ha!

What a blessing to find what we needed at such a great price!! Go Craig’s List!!!

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