Gross Giggles

We’ve been watching old home movies around here lately. I alternate between laughing and crying. They were all soooooooooooooooooo cute. Anyway, last night we watched a particularly gross one where Tim had pooped in the bathtub. We got it all on tape.

…Little 2-year-old Tim wrapped up in a towel explaining how the poop came out, how big it is.

2 year old boys are the absolute best. If you could pick them up at Walmart, I’d have 8. Seriously.

…quick footage of actual poop with different bathroom items held up next to it for scale.

“Look Mommy. It’s bigger than your whole hand.”

…cut to me scooping poop out of the bathtub with my slotted spoon and plopping the nasty stuff into the toilet.

Sitting down to dinner tonight, we were still all cutting up about the bathtub poop incident when we happened to notice something.

Guess which slotted spoon we had all just used to serve ourselves up some corn? Yeah. That one.


One thought on “Gross Giggles

  1. Jeanna (Beaner) says:

    OK – that is just nasty & hysterical at the same time!!!! Didn’t you have anything disposable to get the poop out of the tub????

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