On my heart

Remember a while back I blogged a bit about the creepy old man on the radio who has predicted the end of the word – May 21, 2011? May is just around the corner isn’t it?

I have been thinking about him (Harold Camping) as the date approaches, and have found myself praying for him. I can only imagine what May 22nd will feel like for him. Despite my disagreement with his theology, my heart is heavy for him because he is so earnest and sincere. He has put it all on the line and has pulled a fair number of people away from their churches and into his fold. I wouldn’t be surprised if he condemned himself as a heretic on May 22nd and took his own life or something.

Because I am a total nut case, I tried to email him to let him know that I was praying for him and asked him to consider coming back to the family of believers once May 21st has come and gone. The email was returned.

Now you know – I have a soft spot for him. He’s 86 years old!!! If I knew where he lived, I’d probably be leaving him casseroles and making sure he was taking his blood pressure medication or something.

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