Chickens – The Winter Edition

I know you all are just dying to know about our chickens – not. Anyway, I thought I would just give you a quick update about our life with those pesky birds.

1. We spent good money on a device that supposedly keeps the water from freezing in their water-drinky thing. It has stopped working which means we have to take them fresh water every morning in a cut off milk jug and then spend 10 minutes yanking the frozen milk jug from the previous day off the floor of the coop.

2. We spent good money on a heat lamp – you can see where this is going. They are freezing their little chicken-butts off – but they are still alive and laying eggs believe it or not!

3. As much as we complain about them, we love them and are constantly fretting about their welfare. Ben does most of the day-to-day care, but when it’s my turn, I always spend a few minutes hunched over in the coop petting their amazing feathers and telling them how sorry we are about their squalor-ish conditions. We happened to visit a little petting zoo a while back where the chickens were in a heated barn, snuggled into a straw pit under several heating lamps. It was like The Ritz for chickens. I would say our little ladies are currently making do with something closer to a camp ground with no tent.

4. In true Dager fashion, the little ladies have made do with a little home, made from a used dog house and a hand-made enclosure. They lay eggs without nesting boxes and don’t mind eating off the ground. They are healthy and hearty and even thrifty!

5. Also in true Dager fashion, the kids are officially off the hook for their care because we are completely incapable of sticking to any sort of chore routine around here. YIKES!

Happy Tuesday to you all!


3 thoughts on “Chickens – The Winter Edition

  1. Steph says:

    Love the list of things that the chickens need (= Just about everyone has chickens here. At least it sounds like that to us. Since becoming a mama, I’ve wanted to have chickens so the kids can learn and enjoy etc. Folks here also keep goats, cows and who knows what else in their yards. I’ve always wanted to take the kids around to see the animals but I’m not quite prepared to talk about slaughtering them and eating them…which is what they do with everything here. Thanks for the update (=

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