Order Please

Last night was tough. The fam spent a great weekend together having loads of fun and leaving everything in the wake.

Last night the wake gained speed and overtook me in one fell swoop. At 7 pm I was struggling in the waters of mess, drywall dust (oh yeah, we decided kinda spur of the moment to finish sanding the ceiling), laundry, and piles of important looking documents with scary dates on them.

It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t pretty either – barking out orders to empty the dishwasher, take the 101 dirty socks off the floor and get them in some hamper somewhere, wipe off the toilet seats, and collect the 750 glasses sitting half full on every surface.

Order has been restored, mostly, and I comfort myself with the fact that my kids are dang good at coming to my aid when I need them. They can whip a room into shape just about as well as I can! They are also getting really good at reading me. I think they knew before I did that it was time to tidy up or lose me forever. Sweet little monkeys…

Happy Monday everyone!!

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