This past Tuesday was awful. Ben and I arrived 20 minutes late to Nav Nite after a lengthy battle with printers, printing places, and what to print in the first place. I was supposed to speak and I think I did, but I barely remember, I was so FLUSTERED!

Anyway, I do remember one part of our Bible study discussion that makes my cheeks burn just thinking about it. We were talking about when Jesus calls the disciples. I think I was trying to explain how unglamorous it was, how insecure the future must have seemed, how little Jesus could promise them in terms they could understand.

Well, I found myself talking about how Jesus is not like the people we see on infomercials – the know-it-alls with huge promises of easy money or instant health. Then I rambled on about that analogy for a minute…

The girls seemed a little confused by that one, so I tried this… Jesus was not trying to involve the disciples in a pyramid scheme – like if they would just stick with him for a little while, soon they would have their own disciples who could funnel them money and power. La La La La… ramble, ramble, ramble about Jesus and pyramid schemes….

And this is how I know these girls love me. They didn’t say a thing. There were no rolling eyeballs or exacerbated looks. They simple nodded and went on to the next point.

Oh God. Please forgive me. I am a knuckle-head.

One thought on “Giggles

  1. jess- you are not a knuckle-head! I think that is a good analogy. Mark had a roommate in college that was ALWAYS into some kind of pyramid scheme. And he always seemed to think that the next one would be the one, the one that would make him the money. It was always unfulfilling- so,you see, Jesus is not a pyramid Scam. That sounds like a great logo to me. šŸ™‚

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