A moment of panic

The other night at choir rehearsal I had a moment of real panic.

…what if I’ve totally forgotten how to read music…

I mean, I was looking at the page. I thought the music looked reasonable, but still – I didn’t know if when the piano started I could jump in.

And here’s where I would like to thank my parents for funneling thousands of dollars into my musical education. When the music started, something somewhere kicked in and I knew just what to do.

Not that there isn’t more to learn. How in the world am I going to learn to “sway” like this choir sways?? It’s something in the hips, something in the arms, something in the soul. Please don’t be alarmed if you happen by the house and I’m practicing my “sway” to youtube videos of gospel choirs.




4 thoughts on “A moment of panic

  1. Steph says:

    we need to see pictures or hear something from this choir experience!! I love that you are putting yourself out there doing a different thing. I can remember when you were singing at that fancy church downtown COS. Can’t remember which one but they paid you. I’m better there was no swinging. No swaying.

  2. Jess,
    This sounds so awesome! I have always wanted to go to a MLK service at an ‘authentic’ african american church. I really wish I could see this performance it sounds like you are having a real neat experience.

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