Happy New Year

We are finally back from all our holiday traveling. We saw cousins, grandparents, and many dear friends. We ate lots of yummy baked goods and played lots and lots of Wii at Gamma and Papa’s house. We had great conversations with alumni who are now married and having children. We went sledding in TN on Christmas and enjoyed a very lazy schedule since church was canceled due to the “storm.” (Storm in this case meaning 2 inches of fluffy snow and some ice. But, we Midwesterners mustn’t brag because our cars are covered in salt and the undercarriages are rusting away.) We drove home overloaded with gifts of all shapes and sizes!

Only I could feel lonely in the midst of so much activity. Reuniting with so many far away friends and family reminded me I have lots of work to do here at home to grow my new network of friendships. In 2010 we were trusting God for restoration – primarily for our house in Madison to sell and for finances and ministry to stabilize so we could begin to build “home.” I think God richly answered in many ways.

 I’m trusting God, in 2011, for deepening community – for existing relationships to grow and for new circles of friendships to form.

I took the first step and joined a choir! Our first gig is a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration service in collaboration with a primarily African-American church here in town. I’m so excited!!! I hope I meet lots of new people and that a new circle of friendships will form. I hope no one will stone me when I confess, I’m praying for a black friend. Maybe I’ll meet her through this opportunity. I hope so.

Any resolutions you’d like to share? I’m all ears!!

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