A few thousand words

I know it’s been quiet around here. Mind if I play catch up with a few pictures?

OK – random shot. I just thought Tim looked pretty cute here.  This was stop #1 of our Christmas parade. Libby’s kindergarten program. I don’t think she sang a note, but she did look adorable.

Stop #2 – Student Leadership Team’s last Bible study of the semester. I love these people.We went through the study, Left of Matthew, this semester. It was a very challenging overview of the Old Testament. I just had my last one-on-ones with these girls this week. They are so amazing!

Stop #3 – Last Nav Nite of the semester. We had a sweet time of worship and a smack-down game of White Elephant. Our kids came with and stayed up until 11. They thought they had died and gone to heaven – then they woke up for school the next morning. We did let them dribble in around 10, but they were still really dragging. I found their hang-over-ish state very amusing, until day 3. 🙂

And here we are – getting ready for stops 4-10. How are you all doing? Ready for Christmas? Enjoying the advent season? Can’t wait to share about our Advent season. It’s been wonderful so far!

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