Grateful – God

I mean, of course I’m grateful for God – duh. Right?

Well, if I’m honest, I’m late in recognizing my gratefulness for God. I’m usually only semi-grateful for all the ways He blesses me, as I tend towards melancholy and UN-gratefulness. So, it makes sense I might be extra slow in feeling grateful for God Himself.

I’m sure this was all God’s doing. Isn’t it just like God, when you begin a journey in earnest to do something right, and good – like attempting to reverently consider and express gratitude for the blessings of the year – that God would help you get right to the heart of it.

Sitting in church during communion this morning, I was just so grateful that He is. Beyond all He has done to bring me to Himself, and all the blessings He has lavished on me – just that He exists, that He is real, that all is not for naught.

And so, I’m ready for thanksgiving. I’m ready to celebrate. And wouldn’t you know – mom is cooking the meal so all I have to do is drive my grateful self on over. This  may be the best Thanksgiving yet!



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