Grateful – My Home

In case you are new here – and if you are, please tell me who you are :), our family set out to move to Northern Illinois University about 35 million eons ago. We arrived last August. There were houses to sell that didn’t, one very tiny rental to live in, one summer to travel and be homeless, and then finally – we arrived.

I’ll have to just tell you how great it is, since my dilapidated computer will no longer let me upload pictures, but anyway – God picked this house out just for me. Here’s a bit of the story.

One day a few trillion springs ago, I was chatting with a new friend, who is now a very good friend, about how the family was looking for a new place to rent in town. Our house was still on the market in WI then, and we needed something VERY CHEAP. The rental we had lived in for a few months was expensive and very tiny. I mean, teeeeny, wheeny tiny.

Later that day she emailed to say one of the homes on her family’s farm would be available if we were interested. We were in such a swirl of dread about our home not selling that when we went by to look at it about all I remember was what they were asking for rent. Graciously inexpensive. We humbly thanked the family and agreed to move in in August.

That was May. We spent that summer on the road living out of our van – traveling to summer training programs, spending time with donors, family, family and donors. We pulled into the driveway of our new rental on August 1st – exhausted.

Friends hastily helped us unload our belongings from a storage unit. After the last piece of furniture was in place we took a look around. This next “rental” instantly became home and haven.

Our home sits right in front of thousands of acres of farm land, surrounded by an acre of green grass. There are white barns everywhere, with charming stone foundations and creaky windows. The trees are enormous, and one faithfully holds a couple of swings and an ancient ladder, inviting kids up into its branches. It encourages loud, inventive, creative play in total seclusion. The kids yell, scream, build, run, and play with only my eyes on them. Heaven.

The inside is farmhouse perfection. Quirky slants in the floor, giant windows, imperfectly grand woodwork, spacious rooms made for hospitality, and ancient doorknobs, hooks, and railings.

I could go on, but the point is – it is the best house in the entire county for our family. And I’m not just “saying” that.

Confession – when we put our house in WI on the market, I developed an addiction to real estate websites. I would troll them daily wondering where we would end up “when the house sold.” As our asking price continued to drop, our choices became less and less inviting.

Last April our house finally did sell, but for much less than we had ever thought possible. Still, I continue to troll the sites, now just out of curiosity because none of us have any desire to move. I know where ever single house on the market is and what it’s going for.  Even removing price parameters, there isn’t a single one I would consider a better fit for us than this one. There simply is no better place –  anywhere.

God hand-picked this place for us. It is home to us in more ways than any house we have ever owned. He knew our hearts desires and gave it to us even as we lost our savings and all our equity. Just when we thought we’d be taking a huge step backwards in terms of standard of living – He provided a place we could never afford.

Driving by, you might just see an aging yellow farm-house. But to me,  it’s my favorite place on earth. My home.

One thought on “Grateful – My Home

  1. So like HIM, isn’t it?! He is our inheritance, just like the Levites – that is what your post reminds me of. SOOOOO wonderful to see your smile in person the other day, thanks for a great time over burnt bagels. 🙂 Love you.

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