Grateful – My beautiful son

I was snuggled up next to him last night asking him about his day.

“How was recess?”

“Good. I played by myself again.”

“WHAT? Why did you play by yourself?”

(Concerned mommy heart freaks out a little…)

“I like to. It’s kind of annoying to be around other people all day. I like to get the soccer ball before anyone else and practice by myself. I feel better when I do that.”

“Oh babe. I get that. Totally get that. So you aren’t sad when you play by yourself?”

(Just checking and double checking…)

“No way! I love it. I’m getting SO good at soccer. I can kick the ball, like, so hard now. Dad’s not gonna believe it.”

…and then he went on for 7 minutes  about how good he is at soccer now.

…a month after ending what I thought was a tortuous first soccer season.

…turns out my little introvert didn’t like the game element, but loved learning the skills and strategy, and is looking forward to next year’s season.

So I listened and asked a few more questions about friends at school – memorized by his adorable way with words and camouflage footsie jammies.

Then he draped his skinny arm over mine and let it rest there. I could barely feel it, it’s so light, but I could feel, for a little sliver of time, all of him. I understood his feelings about school, and soccer, and friendship, and himself in one brief and precious exchange.

We said our prayers, exchanged our “love yous” and then I left. As is his way, just as I reached the doorway, he said,

“Love you mom. Good night.”

I love that he always says it again and just before I leave the room.

He is my absolute favorite son.


5 thoughts on “Grateful – My beautiful son

  1. sherry says:

    Just got caught up a bit on your world. thanks for writing so faithfully, I love to hear what you are up to and thinking about. And to hear we aren’t the only ones who had a disasterous (sp?) soccer season. And to hear you text…digits please?!?! And to hear that you want to come clean my home, again…digits please?!?! 😉 Love you, friend.

  2. Kristin says:

    This reminds me so much of my 2nd child! The need for space, the pride at growing in a skill through personal effort, and even throwing in a last “love you” as I leave the room at night. So sweet.

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