I will buy a dress to wear to a fancy schmancy wedding. Today I will try my hardest not to buy anything black or red. Today I will buy the correct size dress, which is something I struggle with. I always buy my clothes a few sizes too big. Even my wedding dress was baggy.

Today I will also buy heels….real heels that will make me as tall as my line-dancing-best-man-hubby. Today I will try to pick out accessories. I will try not to buy another silvery thing. I will be brave and try color or bronze or something crazy like that.

I will also be OK with spending the money, even though I know I won’t. I know I’ll hover around the clearance rack trying to imagine how I could make something there work until I drive myself nuts and walk out with yet another red sweater to wear with my black suit pants.

No, I won’t. I won’t. I won’t.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Would you please send your Fashion Angels to me today. May they hover around me whispering “Yes, that color looks nice on you,” and “NO! Step away from that immediately,” in my ear. Please put very large obstacles around the clearance racks that promise to meet all my fashion needs at a low price despite being filled with rejected sun dresses. Lord, when Ben spies me settling into a back pew at the wedding on Friday, and he looks all amazing in his tux, please let him be blown away by whatever little number I find today.


3 thoughts on “Today…

  1. susq says:

    I agree with the pictures. I also think it’s time you take a girlfriend with you shopping 😉

    Let us all know how it went!

  2. OH, how did it go? I’m slowly getting down through my blog reader and I’m starting with my friends’ blogs….only 600 posts left to catch up on….

    I’d say you should take me shopping with you, but I’d be hovering by the clearance rack. You should take my youngest sister with you. Her rule is that you only buy things that make you do a happy dance when you see the mirror.

    I don’t do a lot of happy dances myself. But then again, what can you expect when you shop almost exclusively at thrift stores?

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