No punches

I had a couple of mommy fails this weekend.

1. Did not get up early enough for 8 am soccer games and so the rush to get to that first game in the absolute freezing cold was miserable for all. Rush, rush, cold, cold, running, running, out the door past sticky, yucky, dinner dishes.

2. Did not write down the correct time for Haven’s riding lesson and so missed it. Sad 8-year old eyes met mine. I died. Then we stopped by the barn and her amazing trainer made it all better and gave her a lesson right then and there. Nora, I know you don’t read this blog, but you are the bomb.

These are little things. These don’t mean I’m a bad mom. These don’t mean I’m a bad person. These don’t mean God has sent his angels of dishevelment and discombobulation after me. These don’t mean my husband wishes he had married someone else – someone who never hits snooze and uses a leather-covered organizer faithfully. These don’t mean I can’t have more children because only reallllly good moms get to have 4 babies.

But, these are my first thoughts, always and forever when I mess up. Thankfully, I have a hubby who is 2 parts compassion and mushy adoration and 1 part kick you in the butt for being an idiot. It’s a good combination for me.

With that said, this day – Monday – I will pull no punches. I will probably fail. I may disappoint. I will do many things well and some things just OK and dinner may taste like crap, but I will not beat myself up and you shouldn’t either.

Love + Grace + Kick in the Butt = Just what I need.

How about you? You doing OK this Monday morning? Do you need a sappy e-card from yours truly? Need some ninja in a can? Just let me know. 🙂

2 thoughts on “No punches

  1. Jeanna (Beaner) says:

    I constantly feel like only organized people can have more than 2 kids! Dwight feels the same, therefore we have stopped at 2, because we are sorely lacking in that department! I have THREE calendars and still blow it constantly. Plus, we just don’t feel like we spend enough quality time alone w/each kid….or each other. Maybe I’m just feeling this way (again) because we are in the midst of the soccer season. Only 2 more weeks & then I get some of my sanity back!!!

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