Experiments and Important Questions

Can I survive on humus and masala flatbread for 2 meals/ day indefinitely?

Day 9 Report:

So far, so good.

Could I possibly enjoy teaching piano more?

Week 3 Report:

No, I don’t think so. I’m bursting with pride and think my students are all the absolute best.

Can I survive without my dishwasher for much longer?

Week 2 Report:

Yes, I can. Now, my dishes on the other hand, may not. Having to stack dishes in the drying rack = chips, chips, chips off of my very elderly plates. Sad…

Do I like the fall season?

Week 1 Report:

I confess, not really. I love late summer, and I love the first snow – but losing the beautiful corn makes me sad and feeling the first chill makes me shiver.

What will I read next?

Day 1 Report:

Nothing. I am too ashamed to go to the library because I have a tiny fine for keeping The Pioneer Women’s Cookbook checked out for 7 weeks.

Am I a 1st class cheese ball?

Year 36 Report:

That would be a YEEESSSS!

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