The Trinity – among other things

So, I’m reading up, thinking hard, praying a lot, and mulling over the role of The Holy Spirit in my life. It’s big stuff.

Which is why it is so ironic to me that along side this stream of spiritual, transformative, thinking – I’m also pondering the following.

weight loss, baking, furniture, Illinois piano teachers association, cell phones, school supplies and sewing

Good thing God is God and He can navigate through the muck to still accomplish His work. Amen?

One thought on “The Trinity – among other things

  1. Steph says:

    I think it is the lot of mothers to think/meditate/mull over exactly the way you are describing! We CAN still think and wonder about the deeper things in life, it just has to fit in between the rest of things (=
    What I am currently considering:
    sending out a newsletter
    marriage and my character within it
    picking up my curtains from the tailor
    eating arabic bread with a slather of nutella
    how to wash the spit up off my silk nightgown

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