The summer is suddenly picking up speed and tossing me along faster than I want to go.

We are leaving tomorrow for a while and when we come back, it will be time to kick it into high gear for NIU and getting the kids back to school.

I have many, many mixed feelings.

This year is different. We don’t feel like the new kids in town anymore, but in a small town like ours, we still are – very much so.

We may change churches and that makes me feel a little nauseated.

I think Ben is on the verge of morphing into something different. He’s cranking out some really good ideas lately and I’m 2 parts proud and 1 part uncertain about who he REALLY is. He’s pretty much amazing, so as long as I get to come along, I’m good.

I’m reading UnChristian which is incredibly good and affirming of things I was feeling and thinking but couldn’t say – also very painful and scary. You should read it. Doesn’t that sound inviting? Ha Ha.

My daughter changed this year from “little girl” to just “girl.” Big, big changes. I’m thankful God gave me the eyes to catch some of the little miracles.

That’s enough randomness…

I’ll try to update some while we are traveling, but just in case – thanks for stopping by!

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