I could win the following awards…

1) Most bruises on one body ever in the history of anybody

2) Bruise Catcher – that’s right…you don’t even have to even touch me and I will have a bruise.

3) Most likely to look like she hiked Mt. Everest when all she really did was watch a movie…I love wearing my Chaco’s and looking all rough and mountainous because my legs are covered in cool shaped bruises like rock climbers get – but actually I don’t know how to rock climb and I don’t hike all that much either.

So today, I wore a skirt to church but forgot to check the legs before heading out. Very bad decision. Seriously looked like I had just participated in a wrestling match! Yikes!

One thought on “Giggles

  1. steph says:

    I totally remember this bruising issue of yours (= Btw, I completely agree with your post on the video games. If I had more time I’d switch posts and comment there, but I don’t. It is such a waste of manhood, isn’t it! We’ve had close friends whose brother failed out of school because of exactly what you are talking about. Expensive School. Don’t quite know what else to do/say in regards to the issue, but know that there is someone else out there that sees it and hopes you can find a way to break through to a few of them.

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