Summer Goals

1. Not to look like this all the time…

 This is my “Why in the world are you making my life so hard,” look. It’s my, “I’m gonna tell you a thing or two right now,”look. I’m not listening, I’m lecturing. I’m not communicating, I’m spewing. I really don’t want my kids to remember THIS face.

So, my first summer goal is to really listen to the kids – to try to appreciate who they are and what they are thinking about this summer. This face = totally unsafe person. Who in the world whispers about hopes, dreams, secret crushes, questions about the universe, and Jesus, and thunder, to a face like that?? I know my kids don’t.

2. Not to look like this all the time either…

You know…totally distracted and doing my own thing. Summer is not a break for me. It’s a break from school for my kids and a chance for me to take over the primary teacher role. There are some real life skills I want to teach, and we all need to carve out extra time to deepen in our relationships with Jesus and His Word, regardless of our age, reading level, or interest level for that matter. I need to get out in front and lead well, so they can relax, figure out the new routine, new expectations, and have some fun.

3. This is better…

We continue to read, read, read… Every little minute we get – even waiting for award ceremonies to begin at big sister and big brother’s school.

And so is this…See me in background in the middle of a huge “Hooray!! My kids are awesome!!!” at the most recent school assembly??

And no, those aren’t all my kids. But another goal for the summer is to welcome, celebrate, and enjoy my kid’s friends.

There you have it!  Here’s to a summer of intentionality, presence, natural learning, fun, growth, and friends! Are you with me??

3 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. (in a tiny, uncertain voice)

    i’m in.

    (one day in and I think I violated all of the above.)

    Here’s to a fresh day with no mistakes in it…Yet.

  2. Jeanna (Beaner) says:

    I really needed this post because I feel like this all the time & it’s waaaay too obvious – Dwight just told me yesterday that I need to find a new job because it doesn’t look like i’m enjoying this one. YIKES! I want to enjoy being with my kids. I need to remember that they are still kids, even though they are getting older & gaining independence, I can’t just leave them to their own devices! It’s times for me to step up!!!!

  3. kara says:

    Jess…you hit the nail on the head. Love, love, love this post. Your goals are truly inspiring. I need to take the time to giggle, tell secrets, and enjoy my children! I needed this summertime inspiration!

    Thank you friend.

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