Feather dusting

Is your world ever fuzzy? Mine is. Imagine a person with a cute feather duster going from item to item, barely touching it, just gently swiping each precious thing – thought, child, idea, chore, letter, Facebook update, passage of scripture, problem, budget –  with the tiniest bit of care and love – then moving on. No energy or time or desire to look anything or anyone squarely in the face and really understand, probe, question, tackle, or finish.

It’s a touch of denial, a touch of trying to savor some mysteries, a touch of wanting it to all stay just the way it is, a touch of wanting things to change without effort.

One thing I need to look in the face and finish is this. My friend just had a sweet baby boy. I want one too. I think. Maybe.



I need pansies. Lots of them. And new toothpaste.

(See? This is me right now. I’ll come back when I can! )

3 thoughts on “Feather dusting

  1. The decision of if and when to be done having kids is so, so hard for women. Before we had our third, I thought I’d be in “no more pregnancies mourning” for a long time, but now I feel very content. I really feel like God has given me peace about our family’s size. I’m sure you’re spending a lot of time praying about it. Whatever His answer is, you already have a beautiful family!

  2. Jeanna (Beaner) says:

    WHY did you put this on paper,so that I could read it just when I had put this thought OUT of my head? Why O why??? 😉

  3. San Antonio Megan says:

    The only way to guarantee the “baby boy” would be to adopt! 🙂 It may finally be our turn to have a boy in the next few weeks… we’ll see… Love you!!!

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