While you wait…

Well, the promised post about NIU Navs is still on the way. I promise. My computer is experiencing some techinical issues (i.e. nasty virus) and there isn’t a quick solution in site. In the meantime, let me just quickly post a few random recommendations on Ben’s virus-free computer.

1. This cookbook

 I was born with an innate love of all things almond…the color, the smell, the taste. Love, love, love. As I perused this lovely cookbook I discovered the genetic link to this unusual passion. So many recipes in this Swedish Cakes and Cookies book call for almond paste. I knew my love of cardamom came from my Swedish side, but almond? I feel so authentic, and so, so Swedish!! I can not wait to try all these amazing almond paste recipes!  We’re trying the Apple Wreath with dinner tonight instead though since I don’t currently own almond paste. I hope to remedy that as quickly as budgetly-possible. Does anyone know if it’s pricey or not? Anyway, the book has tons of great photos and hundreds and hundreds of carb-laden recipes. I found it at our local library. Maybe yours has it too?

2. This link

If you are inerested at all in adoption, read this –  “Eight Similarities Between God’s Adoption of Us and Our Adoption of Children,” by John Piper. Adoption is on my heart in a big way. I’m not completely sure what that means for us. It may be something I champion personally via prayer and service, or perhaps God will give our entire family a heart for it too and we’ll actually participate in adoption. In the meantime, these thoughts have been encouraging and inspiring as I try and wrap my mind around what adoption is.

3. This blog.

Hoping to have the NIU pics up soon. Blessings to you!!

3 thoughts on “While you wait…

  1. I can really identify with what you said about adoption. It seemed for a while that God might be steering us in that direction, but then came our new baby. Not sure what he has planned for us now! You may enjoy this blog. http://mathenymom.blogspot.com/
    It’s a Christian family that has been wanting to adopt for a while but was denied for various reasons. They’ve just recently been approved to start the process to adopt from Burkina Faso in Africa.

  2. I’m not with you on the almonds…but would love to sample any treats you are willing to bake and mail to me. I’m scared to read the thing on adoption, though it has been on my heart for awhile. I loved the blog link – very cool! wish I made more time to read them…and update my own! love you friend. when are you coming to our prairie?

  3. Jeanna (Beaner) says:

    I, too, have had adoption on my heart. Not sure it’s in the cards for us, (hubby isn’t on board – thinks we have enough on our plate) but God can be a joker – and jokers are wild, so who knows what can happen!

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