How I spent my April…

…figuring out what girls who like denim, horses, and pink wear for Easter.

…trying hard to take group shot with all eyes on me. No dice.

…trying to reconcile myself to the idea that this is my BABY!!!

…and that this young man still steals my heart each day…

…feeding the cows out back lots and lot and lots and lots and lots and lots of grass.

…considering this little number right here.

…taking care of our 10 lil’ chicks, now crazy chicken-teenagers.

…frying up lots and lots of Beignets – our new family-fun-night dessert of choice.

Oh, and selling a home, paying taxes, breaking a window, flooding the upstairs laundry room, and not starting my running routine.

How did you spend YOUR April??

One thought on “Spring

  1. Steph says:

    Good question for me this month.
    April was spent sitting on the floor a great deal creating piles of things. Then moving the piles, some to the trash, to the suitcase, out of the suitcase/action packer, into a closet, out of the closet etc.
    Moving the kid out of all of those places as well.
    Trying to decide things…all sorts of things.
    Dealing with the FOURTH health insurance company this year. No joke.
    Trying to remember how to speak Arabic.
    Trying to pick a name for our baby boy – lots of worry, not much result (=
    Feeling out of place
    more things….brain just moving too slow (= another symptom of April!

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