A quick list….chirp.

1. Home inspection officially happened yesterday. (I think I’ve shared this already but WE GOT AN OFFER ON OUR HOUSE IN MADISON!!!!) Haven’t heard anything. No news is good news….RRRRRRIIIGHHT???

2. There are 10 baby chicks in my kitchen. I love them. I hold them. I kiss them.

3. I am watching my wedding video tonight. Isn’t there something in the official vows about not going to Hawaii without your spouse? It’s gotta be in there somewhere….

(Guess who is at home and not in Hawaii?? Guess who is in Hawaii on a much-needed and so, so well deserved business/pleasure trip. Guess who really wants her hubby to have a fantastic time but is still just the tiniest bit jealous??)

4. So far the kid’s spring break has been all about staying up late, watching movies, and eating french toast. It isn’t Disney Land, but still very fun.

5. I just went over our “No more House” budget numbers and cried very wonderful tears of relief and joy.

6. Libby threatened to run away if Haven kept hogging the chicks. Maybe I over did it, but I told her if she did that I would die of a broken heart. She ran over to me and clutched my leg and said, “Oh Mom. I didn’t know!! I promise I NEVER, EVER will.” Love that girl.

7. I forgot that Julie is a child-bride in Julie and the Wolves. I started reading it aloud to the kids – whoops. I had to skip the entire middle section. The kids kept asking, “Why did Julie run away again Mom?”

OK, now you guys leave me a little list in the comment section. What are YOU up to??? Give me a taste of YOUR life so I don’t wither away here missing my hubs.

4 thoughts on “A quick list….chirp.

  1. chickies! My dad owned a feed store when I was a kid and “chick day” was the day that thousands of baby chicks arrived at the store for people to come and get after ordering. I used to spend hours in the chick room cuddling the babies and chasing them. I loved the fluffy yellow ones. I adored the fluffy black ones. But I was in full blown love with the baby malliard ducks.

    Oh you know me…I’m all over-thinking things and getting good and anxious about muddy dog prints and lack of sales.

    You have an offer!!!! WHOOOOOTTT. Ok. If we BOTH get rid of our houses at approximately the same time, I think that is a sign from God that He wants us to meet. In Hawaii. Obviously.

  2. steph says:

    eating all the food I can’t get over there…
    We leave Tuesday and my mama isn’t here to help!!

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