Guess what? The farmer we rent from is keeping some cattle in the pen behind our house! So, next to our lovely white barns, two beautifully soft and sleek “steers” will spend their days being completely adored by my monkeys. They have already helped (actually more like watched) Mark, our friend and landlord fix the fences, clean out the water pump thingy, and remove odds and ends from the pen. You know, the usual stuff that gets tucked in strange places on a farm – an old trampoline ring, broken gutters, tires, etc.

Well, the kids are so thrilled. They can’t wait to name the steers, worry about them during storms, pray for them to keep warm and happy, and make sure no stray cats try to eat their food.

Yesterday Mark’s son, Seth, was over helping his dad with the preparations, and all the kids were chatting about the big day when the steers come. The kids were covered in mud, slinging chunks of old manure at each other and sloshing through the melting snow, talking “cow.” Eventually, they got to the name game, and here is where the fun all ended.

“Moo Moo Face and Moo Moo Face 2.” – Libby’s contribution.

Hee Hee. Everyone laughed.

“Cud and 4 Pack.” – Haven’s contribution. She just read a book about cows and learned they have 4 stomachs.

Another round of chuckles.

“Mud Butt.” – Tim’s contribution. I’m not sure where this came from. He likes to say inappropriate things so I’ll say, “Tiiiiim. That is soooo inappropriate.” Which I did, but then we all laughed some more.

“Steak and Roast. Whoop Whoop.” – Finally, Seth’s contribution, which he said while pumping his arms up and down in the air excitedly.


In that moment my kids figured out why exactly the steers are coming in the first place, and all the fun was over for them in the blink of an eye.

Then Mark and I started laughing, because it really was such a collision of two worlds.

I’ll keep you posted, and as soon as Ben comes home from his trip, I’ll snap some pictures of the lovelies. Don’t get too attached though, if you know what I mean…

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