You all already know this, but I really hate talking on the phone. Raise your hand if you have ever, ever, ever received a phone call from me.

OK. Moving on.

I hate talking on the phone because I’m not good at it. Although, when I was working the other week, I was much better at it. But those were profession-y sort of conversations and there was absolutely no relational risk. In real life though, I’m an accidental interrupter. I always cut people off. I’m not trying to, but somehow I anticipate a pause and in my rush to fill the pause, I speak – but usually the person was only mid-thought. I also don’t like to initiate the “hang-up” so even when it’s clear I should say, “Good-bye,” I say, “Ok.” Then the other person has to say, “Bye,” and they feel dumb. I can’t help it.

Well, I’ve been OK with the phone thing, because now we all text anyway and who really needs the actual phone part. Happy Day!

Except, I’ve had two very awkward face to face conversations in one weekend and now I’m starting to wonder if my phone awkwardness is spilling over. Grrreat. For someone whose job is communicating with other people about important stuff like God, and Jesus, and His precious Word, this isn’t so good.

If this keeps up I may have to go completely conversation free – blogging, tweeting, and texting only. Or, I could just try to get out more and keep up my conversation skills. I’ll let you guys decide. Come and visit me, I’ll pay for coffee, and I’ll practice on you. Please???

Yours truly,

Uh…um…you see…well….Jess

4 thoughts on “Uh…

  1. I call my mother. Because I got my no-good-at-the-phone-thing from her and we would never talk otherwise.

    Yep. That’s it.

    Seriously, so weird, us.

  2. steph says:

    I’ve never thought this about you! It does remind me of a newscast piece I heard today about how Howard Hughes only communicated by passing notes under the door of his penthouse….things could be much much worse (=

  3. Kristin says:

    I am the same way – business calls are fine, but not personal ones! (Unless it’s Patrick!) I am not sure how to work out the schedule, but I fully intend to plan a halfway-between-our-houses coffee date! You can practice on me, and I am confident you’ll do just fine. :o)

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