Back to life…

I’m slowly waking up out of the fog that was “The Winter Olympics.” I have no idea why I needed to watch each and every minute, but I nearly did. All I can say is – I really missed my calling in Ice Dancing.

My friend Karina and I used to lug our boombox out to the pond near her house to skate to the Moonlighting soundtrack. That thing weighed about 10 pounds, packed with 8 D batteries, which we raced through many, many times. People would often honk at us at they drove by. We convinced ourselves it was because we were so good, so graceful, so lovely, so… Tessa Virtue-esque.

I think my T6 could be our next Downhill Ski Icon. He’s a monster on the sledding hill – catching as much air as he possibly can as often as he can. H7 is all wrapped up for the Equestrian team. L4 is a shoe in for women’s short track. That slipping in and passing people, shoving them on the sly to get them off-balance, all the while looking innocent – that’s L4 all the way.

I’m sad they are over, but it really is for the best. It’s a busy few weeks for us around here. Ben is traveling a lot this month and I am not traveling a lot this month. Which means one of us is not traveling and one of us is. Which means one of us is not happy about not traveling. Guess who that is. 🙂

 And one more thing. Could you all please keep 6006 Raymond Rd. in your prayers? Thank you.

One thought on “Back to life…

  1. Prayed for Raymond Rd. this minute.

    We see an end in sight to 217 Gwinner Street.

    And since we live parallel lives, that means something will happen….sometime….

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