Small Groupin’ Part II and an Important Donut Update

Our small group is going through a Bible study our pastor wrote on Servanthood. I guess it’s OK to tell you, I was pretty much thinking I had already done all the Bible study I’d ever need to do on this topic after 5 summers at Eagle Lake Camp, where we studied it to death each year. I probably also expected mediocre content, at best, because I am a bit of an arrogant sort in this category. Me + Bible = Best Bible Study Possible. I’m over that now – thank goodness.

I can honestly say it is some of the best Bible study I’ve ever done. Even better than the Tim Keller stuff I did a few years back which was also very good. Now I know why our pastor is such an excellent communicator of the Word. He really studies it, and memorizes it, and studies it some more.

Excellent questions too. Not the leading and obvious kind, not the overwhelming and unanswerable sort, just good, thought-provoking questions.

One chapter especially impressed and challenged me. There is a segment in the study about spiritual gifts as they relate to servanthood. As an introduction to the gift of leadership, he spent a fair amount of time having us look at the qualifications a person who has the gift of leadership must exhibit before given the freedom to exercise it over the body of Christ – specifically the loving and thorough leadership of the home.

Cuz you know, that’s where leaders are real. That’s where no one is watching. That’s where the consequences of their leadership are most keenly felt. That’s where the followers really KNOW their leader.

I wonder if the families of Christian workers shouldn’t be interviewed when “leaders” are going up for different jobs. What would our kids say if asked about Ben and me, after they had said the obligatory, “Yes, they love us. Yes, they are good parents. Yes, they told us about Jesus.”

You know, it was an excellent gut check for both of us. I don’t have the gift of leadership, but since we are in a leading role now on campus, I think the qualifications still apply. The struggles I experience in my leadership at home come to campus with me. My growth in leadership is not real if I only “apply” those qualities when I’m on campus or with students. If I shed respect, patience, forethought, and love at the door – I’m a hypocrite.

Well, consider me officially kicked in the pants – in a good way – and impressed – and humbled – and grateful.

And for those of you who just can’t go another day without the donut post – I’ll just tell you. I’m a cake donut gal.

None of those fluffy, yeasty ones for me. I like to feel I’ve really eaten something after I’ve indulged.

The best ones ever are found at The Greenbush Bakery, in Madison, WI. I’m sorry. There are no other contenders out there. But, if you must send me a donut or two from YOUR favorite donut place, I will eat them, just to check. Hee Hee.

2 thoughts on “Small Groupin’ Part II and an Important Donut Update

  1. San Antonio Megan says:

    Missing Donut Saturday at the Dagers…. Take a second to reflect back on the crazy sleepovers we attempted :). For the kids, of course…

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