Office Mysteries – Solved

Work went well again this week. The women in the office tried to get their boss to hire me part-time, but he isn’t convinced my presence is totally necessary. As flattered as I was they wanted to keep me, I’m kinda relieved he didn’t go for it. So, I’m free again for another week and will go back there to help again the week after that.

Between mad filing, reorganization, and scanning documents, I managed to solve 3 office mysteries. These mysteries took up enormous amounts of brain power for whole days at a time.  I just couldn’t let them go unsolved!

Mystery #1 – Is the person in the corner office a woman or a man?

This one was not easy folks. All day Tuesday, I was absolutely sure I’d figured it out – man.

Then I tried to hard to stay away from that office because I thought he must surely think I had a crush on him for all the sneaky looks I’d been giving him. But then, on Wednesday I noticed his pants. He was wearing a very manly suit, but the pants had a tapered leg. Wait a minute! Men don’t wear tapered legs!!

Then, finally, I spied a name plate in the office. Woman. Definitely woman. I guess it really was the name plate that solved the mystery, but I think the tapered legs gave it all away.

2. The Use of Email

Those of you who work in an office know, many folks use email for nearly every type of communication and this makes sense. Especially in a cubical type situation. Who wants to listen to every conversation every one in the office needs to have? So, most people quietly email each other…

1. Do you have such and such document?

2. Can I borrow your stapler?’

3. Please file the stack of papers on my desk after lunch.

Now, all these conversations might be happening with someone sitting right next to you. But still, we email away.

However, SOME people in the office do not take part in this solemn and respectful way of communication and you are forced to listen to them make plans, and ask questions, and borrow staplers. AND, they won’t answer your emails because they would prefer you just come talk to them.

The mystery is – being new in the office, who likes email and who likes face to face??? Only time and trial and effort can solve this one. I admit, I only partially solved this one.

3. Cell phones

Everyone in the office has them. We are all connected to families. Many of us have kids. We have doctors appointments to make and cancel. All of us have text loving hubbies and kids? Right? Right??

Well, I never saw a single cell phone being used, ever. It was like the entire office shed any links to the outside world at the door. Well, what is a girl to do? I couldn’t ignore Ben’s questions via text? He HAD to know where the paper plates, extra sheets, and tax forms were! So, here’s how I solved this one!

Text in the bathroom stall! Mystery solved!

And on a more serious note, thanks to all of you who have prayed for our family while we go through this little season. I know it has only gone as well as it has because of that. Thank you!!

Planned posts for next week:

1. Reflections on our participation in a small group

2. Thoughts on the servanthood study we are doing as a small group

3. Thoughts on the software our church uses to organize the small groups and keep us all connected virtually.

4. Thoughts on doing “big church” well.

5. Donuts. Why they should become the bottom layer of the food pyramid.

2 thoughts on “Office Mysteries – Solved

  1. Heidi says:

    Jess, you always bring a smile to my face when I read your words! Thanks for your gentle spirit and willigness to share your honest thoughts. I always look forward to reading them! Take care! Thinking of all of you!

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