Dear Mom…

because I know you read this…

1. Thank you for the Valentine’s M&M’s and the Dove dark chocolate.

2. Thank you for working so hard and always having $10 in your purse on Fridays so I could go play with friends.

3. Thank you for taking me to piano each week.

4. Thank you for all the swim lessons, swim suits, swim meets, goggles, etc.

5. Thank you for the Jeep Islander which catapulted me from “nice girl” to “popular beyond imagination.”

6. Thank you for not making fun of me in all the terrible plays and musicals I was in.

7. Thank you for taking me to Statford Square and Fox Valley Mall countless times.

and one more thing Mom…

I love you.  Mean it.

Leave a comment Mom. I DARE YOU!!!

One thought on “Dear Mom…

  1. Mom says:

    You are very welcome. The very best gifts I have been given in this life are my two children. The best gift I can leave to this world is my children and the fine, wonderful and loving people they have become. God has truly blessed me.

    Love you mean it


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