Yes, I am in fact, alive.

It’s been a very crazy week. I morphed into a working women after one swift interview and data entry exam at Manpower. I planned 5 crock pot meals, did every stitch of laundry, cleaned the house, and ironed my two pairs of dress pants. On Monday, I crept, very self-consciously, into the office and began this new phase of life.

We decided over the Christmas break that there is a need for me to work some this semester. We need to recoup from the monster that was 2009, as well as prepare for the hit we plan to take on the sale of our house in Madison. Our lovely renters have allowed us to place it back on the market while they live there – bless them!! We hope it sells soon, but we will lose money on it for certain, and should it not sell, and remain vacant, we’ll need to be ready for 2 house payments.

I absolutely can not miss summer break with the kids, so I’m working for Manpower. Ben and I can decide, week-to-week, if we can swing taking on an assignment. My first one went very well. Apparently, I am the fastest file consolidator in the Midwest. Can you believe this power has surged through my veins all these years completely untapped??

So, honestly, the week went surprisingly well. I cried and complained a lot on Monday morning. But, walking out the doors on Friday, I realized there were several thing I enjoyed about the week.

1. Structure

As much as I hate being tied to a schedule, I thrive on it. Knowing there was less time to get everything done forced us all to work together as a team and be more proactive around the house.

2. The lunch hour

An entire hour to sit in a break room and read a novel… Bliss. Pure bliss.

3. Corner office.

I had my own office!!! I could do my work completely independently and with minimal supervision. I enjoyed figuring out the most efficient way to get the job done. And, my lovely fake black leather chair was so amazingly comfortable.

4. Saturday morning

This morning was so wonderful. We didn’t see the alarm. We slept in. I put on JEANS and slippers and they felt so luxurious. Such a change from hose and ironed blouses.

5. Temp. work

So nice to know that because next week is especially busy, I can say no, which I did. I have another assignment in two weeks for the company I worked for this past week. They just couldn’t let go of my mad filing skills. Yes. I am so awesome.

Tee Hee.

So, now you know where I’ve been. This is complete blog suicide, I know. But I know this little blog will survive, because I have the best readers in the world. (That’s you!)

Thank you for checking in. If you think to pray for us, would you please pray 6006 Raymond Rd. becomes home for some OTHER nice family ASAP? Thank you, friend.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am in fact, alive.

  1. Heidi says:

    Good to hear from you again! It definitely is an emotional step (at least it was for me) to step back into the public workplace. Will keep you and your family in my prayers! Say hi to H7!

  2. Kristin says:

    Jess, this sounds like a great situation! I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the world of wearing real pants for multiple hours a day! 😉

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