The Kneeler

I’ve always loved kneelers in church. I have almost never taken advantage of them. I guess it has something to do with my preference for disappearing at church. Not literally, of course. What I mean is, I like to worship with all the people, and all the wonderful music, but I like to feel like I’m there all alone. Poor Ben. I have to tune him out too. I like to pretend it’s just me and God. There is certainly a time for the community aspect of church. But during the worship music especially, I like to be in the zone. So, I’ve never gone up and used the kneelers at the front of our church because then people might see me. (I know, this is all in my mind. But humor me.)

Well, today, I just really, really, wanted to go and ask God for something. I knew I could do it in my seat. I knew there was nothing magical about asking for it up at the kneeler. But  I know, when He gives me this, and I remember back to when I asked Him for it, I’ll want to have the kneeler there in the memory because I’ll be remembering it over and over.  I asked for THAT kind of thing, you know? So, I went up.

It was nice. It wasn’t magical, but it was memorable. I think God enjoyed my embarrassment. I even think He might have laughed at me because I tried to get to the kneeler in a sneaky way. Ha Ha on me, I know.

One thought on “The Kneeler

  1. Steph says:

    How ironic. Today I actually tried to go up and pray on the kneelers with someone and we both concluded that I was too pregnant to do so without it getting in the way of the praying bit (= We are going to good ole’ Covenant again…their kneelers are off to one side. Anyway. Dying to know what you were praying for, but doubt it is something to be shared. I was just praying “MOVE THAT PLACENTA!” Very run of the mill for me these days (=

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