I admit it. I love Christmas shopping. I love buying gifts for people. I absolutely adore thinking about what people like and need and finding the perfect gift. I do look forward to this time of year because of the gift giving – among other things, of course.

It’s in the genes, man. My dad is a very good gift giver. He gave me a beautiful opal ring in 8th grade, an amazing black formal coat in highschool, and a couple of killer bracelets in college. He is fun to watch. He waltzes into a store, takes about 30 seconds to survey the scene, and he’s off. It doesn’t take him long -he has such a good eye – and I think he enjoys it too.

I just finished shopping for the kids. I have a serious buzz just thinking about how much they are going to enjoy the little treasures I found. Nothing fancy, but just the thing.

For me, the most meaningful gifts are the ones I can tell someone thought about. The real gift is the time someone thought about me, what I needed, what I liked, what I’m interested in.

God gave me all I needed, when He gave us Jesus. Just like God to know what would be practical, needed, beautiful, mysterious, thoughtful, and extravagant.

God, this Christmas,  please let you know who give his heart to you.  Amen

PS: If you tell me who you are praying will respond to Jesus this Christmas, I’ll pray too. Promise. 🙂

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