We had two Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Wednesday night was spent at home with our friend, Rafik, from Egypt. I loved cooking the big feast and especially enjoyed how much fun Rafik had with the turkey.

Everything arrived at the table a little late, but it all tasted just the way I had hoped. Rafik was a super fun guest. The talk around the table was fascinating and refreshing.

Today we spent with my parents.  My mom got out my grandmother’s jewelry and officially handed it over to me and my girls. We all had a blast looking through it and each donned a piece in honor of Grandma T. Even though we are all supposed to share it, I put on a ring I don’t think I’ll be taking off for a very long time. Thank you Mom. We promise to enjoy these treasures for many, many years to come.

Dad shared stories and told us a lot about these past years in AA. It’s been such a journey, and one I rarely hear him talk about.  Maybe he hasn’t had words, or maybe we didn’t seem interested. But tonight, he was talking and we were listening. He seemed different tonight. I enjoyed seeing him smile, tell stories, and talk about God in ways that make me believe God is drawing Dad to Himself. I teared up a few times just imagining heaven with Dad.

There is much to be thankful for right now, but tonight I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving Day – for the gift it was all by itself – and I know who gave it to me.

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