Two friends from Madison, WI came yesterday to visit.

Two people who knew my life back in Madison very well, came to look inside my new life here in Sycamore.

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel. I tried not to over clean, over plan, over smile, or over worry. But I admit, I did each of those more than I wanted to.

For some reason, I thought I might feel small and insignificant showing them all the things that make me happy here… my house in the corn field, my new budget friendly curtains made with lots of love and no money, our candy store, our library in the funky building, the kid’s school, my sewing corner, the barn cat, the gi-normous closets in the kid’s rooms, the super duper high base boards that I can’t live without, the 100 year old doorbell, the coffee house I frequent, the students I get to spend time with..

Guess what? I felt proud and very content. I love what God has provided here. I could live here a long time.

I miss Madison very, very much – more than that actually.

And I love what life looks like here too.

That’s OK, right?



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