When I get the chance…

These are posts I need to write…  (Maybe next week? Maybe?)

1. The challenges of being a Christian in America

Why it’s hard to live in relative ease and comfort… What we miss out on by not “needing” God in the same ways our brothers and sisters around the world do… What our rugged individualism does to community and fellowship (or lack there of)… What we do as a society with our secret guilt and restlessness…

2.  New YAF (young adult fiction) writers I am enjoying

Shannon Hale and her series that begins with Goose Girl has been such a treat.

Bodil Bredsdorff and her series The Children of Crow Cove is also amazing. These stories  are translated from Danish and I don’t think I have read more beautiful prose in a very long time – breathtaking!

3. These are the best years of my entire life – and I mean it!

Past the blur of diapers and no sleep and fears that I’ll always have to buckle 3 other people in before I can get going. Living with the sweet reality that this time goes so fast and my kids are so, so, wonderful.

4. Coming up on 10 years of marriage.

Reflections on how this relationship has changed me.

OK – you pick. Which one first?


One thought on “When I get the chance…

  1. San Antonio Megan says:

    #1!! It is definitely the stuff Peter and I are thinking on the most as we pursue eventually moving the fam to Zambia, and how to live in the meantime. Tough stuff!

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