What we can…

I have a bona-fide animal lover for a daughter. She loves animals, and they love her back. She is most at home in her own skin when she is around them. She plays with the neighbors outdoor cat for hours on end. We don’t feed it, don’t let it inside, and yet it faithfully comes over for a daily dose of love and affection from her.

Summer 2009 003

We can not have our own animals right now, and so we are on the hunt for ways to continue to develop this passion – actually, it’s more like a need. We checked out a local riding facility this weekend. She loves horses. She has a way with them. She has that natural confidence and calm about her that make horses comfortable. If I had told her we could spend the night there, only we had to sleep on the freezing cold ground without a blanket she would have cheerfully agreed. (Side note: grandparents who read this blog. This is what she wants for Christmas…$$ for lessons. She is faithfully saving her allowance and with Christmas money is hoping to buy an 11 lesson package for the spring.)

Haven on Joe 003

Anyway, we are also volunteering at our local Humane Society together. I’m not sure we are going to make good volunteers. We may end up crying way tooooo  much or end up ‘”borrowing” animals to drop off at all our friends and neighbors houses.

We are doing what we can. I’m not complaining. Truthfully, this part of parenting I treasure. I love seeing how God has made her. I love training her up in the way she should go, in other words, coming alongside the way God has made her, providing experience and guidance, so she can blossom and grow.

I guess, all I’m trying to say is, if you find a dog or cat on your front stoop with a little note, you’ll  know she fell in love with another one, and well, you know.

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