Late last night we all returned from…


Journey 09 was our regional Fall Conference…wait, do you know what I’m talking about? Here we are…


See NIU up there in the corner? We belong to the Indiana/Illinois Region. So, all the campuses who have Nav groups up and running in Indiana and Illinois gathered together with as many of our beloved students as we could convince to come (a little over 200) to do “Journey 09” together.

The highlights:

1. Our students are totally amazing. I sat beaming with pride as I surveyed the meeting space that first night. Here sit some of the most talented and gifted young men and women in the whole world. Here they are soaking up the truth about who God is and who they are. Here they are learning how to discover God through His word. Watch out world. God’s kingdom is coming, and it’s coming through these students.

2. Our region has committed to a partnership with the  collegiate Navigators in Zambia. It is a sending/receiving relationship where we will send students to learn and be impacted by an opportunity to labor amongst our Zambian brothers and sister, and they will do the same, graciously sending us students to teach us and influence our campus works here in Indiana and Illinois. Nearly 30 students signed up to go this summer. Then, we asked the students to consider giving to the Zambian staff, to help offset the costs of them sending their students to us, and to help begin an internship for new college grads who have an interest in full-time ministry there in Zambia. The Zambian staff asked for $7,000 – our students pledged $13,000!!!

3. Our NIU students dived into the experience. They bonded, they prayed, they asked good questions, they let God move them. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful to watch.

4. I went to a fantastic workshop on Leading Bible studies.  You know when you do something so much you feel like you could do it with your eyes closed, walking backwards, and eating a hot fudge sundae, but you also know – it could be better – you’re stuck in a rut – you need ideas?? I got a ton of really good ones, and was once again reminded how precious these small groups are, and how much time, and effort, and prayer, they deserve.

5. The kids had a total blast enjoying the property of Spring Hill in southern Indiana where we spent the first half of our summer. There was only one little hitch. Guess who forgot to set her alarm clock back to central time and woke the kids up an entire hour early for school this morning, on a morning they were already extra wiped out and tired? Whoops.

So, I’m feverishly unpacking and doing laundry, because we leave on Thursday for another conference. Don’t feel sad for us. It’s in Florida and even though there will be “work” we are also going to do a little vacation on the side with the kids.

And just one more thing, to those of you who read this and support our ministry financially – thank you. Being a part of this work is a true joy. We couldn’t do it without you.

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