Pumpkin Fest 2009

Tonight was opening night for our town’s Pumpkin Fest.

1st stop – Turn in our pumpkins for the big contest.

The entire courthouse lawn is now covered with thousands of pumpkins!!! We were nearly first in line to enter because we heard there would be big lines later. (Thanks for the hint Jenny!)

Pumpkin Fest 2009 002

Second Stop – Redeem our “Free Hot Dog and Soda with Each and Every Entry” coupon.

(We got swarmed by sad little bees trying to live just one more day, so we had to stuff and go.)

Third Stop – Trick or Treating on Main St.

Pumpkin Fest 2009 006

Mmmm…. the Bakery handed out cooooookies.

Pumpkin Fest 2009 016

One of our fine, locally owned restaurants was in on the fun.

Pumpkin Fest 2009 007

Movie theater popcorn and coupons!! Yippeee!!

Pumpkin Fest 2009 015

Just walkin’

Pumpkin Fest 2009 019

There was just one little fussy moment. Ben and I got to talking about our plan/dream/hope to pull the kids out of school in 4 years and head overseas for awhile so our kids can go through the awkward years enjoying the comforts of home school and missionary work in Africa. Libby thought we said we were leaving her and moving to Africa, like-today. It was touch and go for a minute. Then we said she could eat some Nerds and she was all good.

Pumpkin Fest 2009 011

This little kitty raked in a couple of FULL-SIZE candy bars. I think she charmed them with her cuteness.

Pumpkin Fest 2009 009

This little kitty would not share her cookie with her mommy. Bad kitty.

Pumpkin Fest 2009 012

And this little bat stole my heart, just like he does every day.

That a fun day!

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