Vanessa and Phil

I went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday!

Vanessa and Phil's wedding 005

It was a very lovely wedding and I had a lovely time catching up with Madison friends. Here are a few of their lovely faces.

Vanessa and Phil's wedding 001

Boy do I miss this incredible gal…wise, beautiful, warm, smart, loves God’s people – yup – the total package!

Vanessa and Phil's wedding 002

Oh, here’s another one of the those “total package” gals. Ksenija… stunning, funny, sweet, getting her Phd in something really, really, tough, and also a faithful Christ follower.

Vanessa and Phil's wedding 003

Wow – look at how we are both “glistening” with love. Tee Hee. Here’s Martha. I’m getting choked up just thinking about her… joyful, engaging, charming, stylish, and yet another passionate follower of Jesus.

There were so many others…Val, Heidi, Jacklyn, Elisa, Rachel, Karen, Patty, Rae…

I miss you ladies. You are the bomb. Thanks for a very fun time Saturday.

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