Me = anomaly

OK, one more thing on this little train of thought. Again, thank you guys so much for your words of encouragement about my little life and contribution here – but just one tiny, weeny thing.

Did you know, I’m an anomaly??

Something anomalous : something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified

You see, yes – I have a job, a calling rather. And yes, I do actually work outside the home in a sense, and believe it or not, a friend I’m just getting to know told me she considered me a working mom. I do share the honor of working on the campus of NIU with Ben and did just recently accept the position of “Director of Communications.” Hee Hee.

Really though, I do love my “job” leading Bible studies, hosting students, meeting with gals, writing newsletters, doing admin work for Ben, and backing pies for Pumpkin Carving Socials.

But here’s the thing, those are all things on my list. I get to contribute and develop in a way that allows me to be a mom the majority of the time. And, I’m lucky enough to have a husband who lets me keep the kids my #1 priority. I totally and completely acknowledge that my situation in not typical, which is why I didn’t really use it in bringing up the thoughts about “the question.” My husband doesn’t work at 9-5. It’s more like an 8-11 a.m., 2-4 p.m., and 6-midnight kind of thing. There’s a lot of flexibility and role sharing we get to do.

I guess I say that because, man, I know some moms who are working to just make it. Not to get the kids to Disney, just to make it. I know some moms who’s husbands would TOTALLY not understand any desire they might have to develop “home stuff.” Not every woman has the room I do to live mostly in the ideal.

And you know what, as deeply as I believe in the need for those of us who are skilled in the area of care, and nurturing, and “home stuff,” to be at home, I doubt. I mean, will my kids really be thankful for the home cooked meals and homemade curtains? I’m taking a huge risk in assuming they won’t look back and think, “Gee, I wish Mom would have gotten a real job so I could have worn Abercrombie instead of Goodwill.”  I’m just being honest here.

I guess I just hope we are all asking ourselves the right questions, about what God values, what we can contribute to our families, what’s really important. All our scenarios will be different, for sure, but I hope we are all seeking God’s will on these matters, and not just chasing the dollar, or the “norm.”

And lastly, I’m grateful.. for where God has led me, for the husband he’s given me, for the kind of contribution I’m trying to make.


I’m really insecure about it more often than not.

So, yes, I said I was ready for “the question.” But – give me sec. I’m new here.

One thought on “Me = anomaly

  1. As usual, we are living parallel lives. I have been doing a craft fair this weekend and have only about two brain cells left. But one of them feels guilty for being away from the kids and hubby at this fair for three days. And the other really likes the fact that next week, I’ll just be at home making things as sane as possible for all the other insane things that happen in our lives.

    35 check
    anomaly check
    kids in school check
    no known formal career in site check
    grateful to be free to just make it work….check.

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