Making Curtains INFJ Style

Because everything is about personality, right???

Well, I’m making curtains for the house. There are 10 windows downstairs! Can you say – HUGE PROJECT? I’ve settled on something along these lines for the living and dining room.

Curtain Project

Simple, unlined, very, very cheap! Which is the ultimate goal at the moment. So here goes…

Making Curtains INFJ Style

I: Being an introvert, sewing is a perfect fit for me, provided I can actually do it alone, without distraction. If there are wild monkeys coming in and out asking for juice, popcorn made on the stove, non-bunchy socks, and the special Scene- It dice, Mommy is not a happy camper.

N: I prefer not to use a pattern. I like to sew intuitively… Ha Ha Ha. Which means, I have made a lot of ugly things, but I’ve learned a lot in the process. For example, I bought an entire bolt of this unbleached utility fabric at $2/yard and then went thrifting for curtains I could take apart and add as accents. Decisions like whether to do tabs, pockets, tie tabs, hidden tabs, grommets, kind of came and went as I went along. I kind of felt my way through the process until I had my first panel made.

F: I wish I could make decisions about fabric based completely on how fabrics make me feel, but alas, $$$ is usually the bottom line here.

J: Although I know I have to make like 50 tie tabs for the entire set of curtains, and I know it would make sense to make all the tabs at one time, I can not do it. I only sew when I know I can complete something start to finish. So, I’ve been making one panel at a time. Then I can pack up the sewing stuff, tuck it all away, and wait until I have time to make another complete panel. I know this is dumb… I am uncomfortable with things in process.

So, what about you and your projects? What does your crafting, sewing, cooking, writing, water-skiing, fantasy football playing, say about who you are???

5 thoughts on “Making Curtains INFJ Style

  1. NinjaPrincess says:


    When Jeanna P. gave me your blog address way back when, she told me she thought I’d enjoy your blog because “you seem to think alike” or something like that. I definitely have enjoyed your blog and am a faithful lurker. What I found amusing is that I, too, am an INFJ. “Think alike” indeed! 🙂

    It’s funny to see the INFJ reference, because my hubby and I were just discussing last night whether Abraham Lincoln was an “F.” My hubby, who is a “T,” kept referring to traits like “rational thought,” “considered thinking,” “considering the future outcomes of decisions” as “T” traits. Being a HUGE “F,” I was getting upset, because I felt that “F’s” could also have those traits. Thankfully, we came to a peaceable agreement before we wasted too much time on such a goofy conversation!

    • jessdager says:

      Hee Hee Ninja Princess – nice to meet another INFJ… Did you know we are a pretty rare breed, and after living with all my quirky ways (especially my huge F combination) I would say it’s probably best there are just a few of us. 🙂 Just kidding. I love and hate being an F. Do you feel the same?

  2. Jeanna says:

    Dwight & I are BOTH NFs!!! Dwight is ENFJ & I am INFP!!

    Hi Ninja Princess! I know who you are, but now I have to see if you’ve been using that psuedonym anywhere else!!!!

    INFP for me = Birdwatching!

  3. NinjaPrincess says:

    Jess- I hear ya! I do enjoy being an F. And I’ve learned to accpet the fact that sometimes I have to start a conversation with this sentence:
    “I’m going to cry now, but it’s okay.” 🙂

    Jeanna — hehehehehehehe can’t find me!

  4. Valerie says:

    Hmmm… I own about 50 half read books. . .I also am having waaayy too much fun deciding what to do with the next phase in our lives. Tonight when Brandon decided something, I started to cry. I’m going to go ahead and say that I am a “P” 😉

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