Beautiful Things

Like most people, I like beautiful things. I especially love to study my children’s faces. They are my favorite, beautiful things. I was playing around with a photo-shop-ish program last night and these happened…

Blackand White Haven

The photo is a little dark and grainy, but this captures Haven. It says, “I’m perfectly content, I’m about to giggle, and I love my mom.” I’d say this is her usual default mode, but I know better.  In the original un-cropped version of this photo, she has a kitty in her lap, which for H7, makes her whole world better.

Black and White Libby

I put some sort of funky action on this shot, which I LOVE! It’s glowy, and shiny, and happy – which is sooooo L4. She is such a little charmer, full of hugs and kisses, and requests for dress-up items. “Mom, I need a tutu so I can practice my ballet.” “Mom, I don’t have enough rings,” (because she only has 7 sparkly gems, which of course leave 3 without any bling…) Now, why this joyous, contented, isn’t life just SO worth living, look? She is standing next to a pile of birthday presents, and the rings, scarves, shoes, and fairy wands, are whispering her name!

Black and White Tim

OK – here’s the story with this one. I tried all the effects I could to bring out my favorite part of this photo – the cheeks, the cheeks, the cheeks – THE CHEEKS! Since the day T6 was born, he has had the most perfectly rounded, plump, little cheeks. He is such a skinny little thing – every extra ounce of fat ended up right there in those adorable cheeks. You just want to squeeze them, don’t you?

OK, thanks for humoring me. I’ll stop now. Go about your business, and I’ll stay right here, gazing at these beauties for just a minute longer…

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