Birthday Girl

Holy Cow. My baby girl is 4.

Libby is 4 001

Libby is 4 015

Libby is 4 016

Libby is 4 021

We had a mini-party with just a couple friends! She has enjoyed every single gift she’s received and has been thanking me for a few days now for the party. I think she felt special!

Of all the kids, I have savored each of her years the most – because I’m almost (almost…) sure she’s our last baby. I’ve loved every stage, and as she leaves what to me is one of the hardest years (the throws of three) I sincerely wish she would just STOP GROWING.  She is such a joy to me.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Heidi says:

    Boy, how she has grown the past year! Little girl face is changing. She’s so cute – all of your kids are! Happy Belated birthday to her!

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