The life and times


Yucky budget meeting. (I hate seeing reality on paper. I prefer abstract talks about money where buying fabric to get curtains on all the windows in the house is still a possibility.)

Visit to the library with L4. (We did 25 puzzles and picked out 23 picture books. L3 and I read about half before the other kids got home, and we finished them all off in the grass after school. I think I’ll go back tomorrow. I love books. )

Crunchy misunderstanding with hubby. (God was good. We were able to hash things out quickly via email while sitting in two different rooms of the house. I can express myself much better when I write. I think I’ll start carrying a chalkboard around my neck like Louis from now on.)

Ate huge smiley face cookies from the bakery with the kiddos after school. (Sitting with them all in the grass at school, listening to them talk about their day was precious. They actually answered ALL my questions and offered up a lot of unsolicited information. Cookies have incredible powers.)

Bible study tonight with 6 lovely ladies. (Being in a dorm makes me feel young. Who needs anti-wrinkle creams! Just get around 18 year olds.)

I’m going to order a book tonight. I’ve been waiting for it to go to paperback for over a year. It is just not going to happen, but I can not wait any longer. Any Kathleen Norris fans out there? Has anyone already read Acedia and Me?

2 thoughts on “The life and times

  1. I’m so laughing. J and I had a bit of a misunderstanding yesterday and after working it out I joked that we should not only agree to not talk at 3am (our former rule), but we should also just not talk during the first 3 weeks of the semester….with the exception of chatting on FB! That would be okay. I was thinking about your post from awhile back yesterday when I was shlepping my kiddos through Wal Mart while I knew J was in a coffee shop doing BS…hard not to be a Martha and complain to Jesus about my job vrs. his. But I do love my job – really!

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